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Best Upcoming Museum Exhibits In DFW

The art presence in DFW is growing and thriving more than ever with new museums popping up and unique exhibits rolling through town. Check out what’s coming soon.


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Dallas Investor Credit Education For Opening The World Of Business

My year-end bonus at the bank was a company logo’d nylon ski cap and a gold pen. I realized that in order to get a higher paying job, I needed an M.B.A..”


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Nurse, Former Mayor Realized Education Is Vital To Success

Looking to expand her horizons, Jeanette Wisdom finished her doctoral coursework, moved to Dallas, and took a position as a nurse supervisor at UT Southwestern Medical Center.


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Quality Educator Positions In Dallas Are In Demand

No matter what stage you are in life, a teacher, instructor, or professor has taught you. From elementary through college and professional executive programs, the need for quality educators will always be there.


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Best DFW Gift Shops For Mother’s Day

While flowers, chocolate and dinner reservations are great gifts for Mother’s Day, moms have many interests. Get a gift at a place that has the items mom really wants.


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Best Spring Festivals In DFW

Springtime is a great time to get out and enjoy events and North Texas has plenty of free festivals for you to participate. Put on some comfortable shoes and bring a hat.


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Former Lawyer Uses Life’s Education To Find Himself

“It is never too late to do what you love. It is never too late to find your passion,” said Brian Cuban, a former lawyer and current author and motivational speaker.


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Author, Entrepreneur Helps Dallas Children Overcome Dyslexia

Barbara Dianis was dyslexic as a young child, she came from a family of educators and worked diligently to overcome her dyslexia.


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Dallas Psychologist Credits Her Success To Good Mentors

Shelton pursued her doctorate degree because she was mentored in that direction and felt that she would have more options to do work she feels passionate about.


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Best Up & Coming Local Brands In DFW

From clothing and cowboy boots to barbecue sauce and pastries, the DFW area has an eclectic selection of up and coming brands. The entrepreneurial spirit is thriving in DFW.


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Best Ways To Celebrate Earth Day In DFW

Earth Day celebrations are planned throughout the entire state, and Big D will be celebrating in style. Here is a list of the best ways to celebrate Earth Day in DFW.


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Dallas Engineer Suggests An Advanced Education Keeps You Young

“If you are studying for a long time, your brain is active. If you keep your brain active, your brain and body will be kept young,” said Alex Kretov, an independent engineering consultant.