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Best Mussels In DFW

Mussels are considered one of the treasures of the sea. Even though Dallas is land-locked, the city has some of the best places to enjoy mussels.


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Software Technology Manager Helps Dallas Companies Utilize Software

As a Technical Account Manager at AppDynamics, Vijay Shankar Venkatachalam provides technical support for customers, helping them utilize AppDynamics’ technology to meet their business needs.


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Dallas Criminologist Uses Master’s Degree To Create A New Path

Severina Ware accesses and analyzes criminal suspect and offenses information, prepares special crime reports, graphics and statistical data to help keep the city safe.


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Social Psychology Instructor Helps Dallas Students See Their Potential

Linda Duran teaches Social Psychology at KD Conservatory College of Film and Dramatic Arts, where students major in Motion Picture Production, Acting, or Music Theatre.


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Best Places For A Manicure In DFW

Keeping one’s hands in tip-top condition is a must for anyone in business. Here are a few of the best places in the DFW area to go for a top-notch manicure.


U.S. civil rights leader Martin Luther KIng Jr. waves to supporters from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial on August 28, 1963 in Washington, D.C. (credit: AFP/Getty Images)

Best MLK Day Celebrations In DFW

The legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. lives on through the many celebrations which commemorate the life of the civil rights leader. Here are the best in the DFW area.


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HR VP Says, Master’s Degree Is Essential To Enhance Career In Dallas

“Don’t get a master’s degree immediately following your bachelor’s. Figure out what you love to do, start doing it and then identify a master’s program.”


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MD Says, M.B.A. Gives Dallas Physicians An Edge In Health Care

Dr. Scott Wise, Chief Operating and Medical Officer, says “Most practicing physicians have a business manager to manage the business side of things. The degree helped me to do both.”


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Dallas Technology ‘Angel’ Helps Start-Up Companies Thrive

Mark C. Clark is the senior partner at O2Works, a company that specializes in implementation of Oracle software applications for a variety of businesses.


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Best MLK Day Getaways Near DFW

Martin Luther King Jr. worked tirelessly for civil rights. A day off in his honor is a wonderful way to celebrate those who work so hard for the good of others.


Chris Larson’s “Heavy Rotation” (Courtesy of Chris Larson/Conduit Gallery)

Best Spring 2015 Art Events In DFW

DFW has one of the most progressive art scenes in the country, and the offering this spring has never been more diverse. With premieres of exhibits, this is the city to see for art.


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Computer Technologist Turns To Education To Unlock Cyber Crimes In Dallas

This “self-taught” computer technologist looks to higher education as the next step in battling cyber crimes.