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2014 DFW Fall Theater Preview

The DFW theatre scene heats up with new musicals and theatrical performances that’ll make you laugh, cry, sing and cheer as they explore the human condition.


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Best Bars To Watch The U.S. Open In DFW

The U.S. Open started Saturday, August 23, and runs through Monday, September 1. You can get the best seat in the house at several great bars in the DFW area.


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Ask A DFW Expert: Tips On Finding Online Deals

Shopping online can be a great way to save money, but it can also be a daunting task with all of the options. Here are a few tips from DFW fashion expert and designer Lucy Dang.


Japanese-American National Museum (Credit, Randy Yagi)

Best DFW Museums With New Exhibits

North Texas is a premier destination for large-scale art exhibitions. Here is an update on some of the newest exhibitions at DFW area museums, and ones that are coming soon.


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Returning To School Can Provide New Job Opportunities In Dallas

Employment is booming in Dallas and a solid education can be just what you need to become a part of this growth.


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Dallas Fast Food Manager Finds Happiness In Career Success

If you think being a teenager flipping burgers and making minimum wage is the only thing one can do at a fast food restaurant, think again.


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DFW World Traveler Seeks To Expand Her Education In Health Care

Providing health care to individuals is a goal for many. Providing it to third world countries is the career goal of Alyssia Sloan.


Perot Museum

Best Science Exhibits At The Perot Museum

The Perot Museum of Nature and Science is the premier science museum of the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex. Here are a few of the upcoming exhibits scheduled for this fall.


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Dallas CEO Says Education Is The Password To A New Career

DFW CEO Paul Hillers took his career into his own hands by continuing to expand his expertise through additional educational pursuits.


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Dallas Social Worker Credits Continuing Education To Opening New Opportunities

Bree Whitmore is a social worker in the DFW area who has gone through extensive education to feel more than adequate in helping families deal with end-of-life care situations.


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A Teacher In Dallas Offers Graduate Students A Helping Hand

A woman understands the importance of education and has made it her career to help students keep at it, and walk away with a degree and newfound knowledge.


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Careers In Health Care Growing In The Dallas/Fort Worth Area

If you are looking to make a career change, becoming a health care worker has several rewards in the DFW area.