Roger Clemens

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Debbie Clemens Backs Up Husband In Trial

Lawyers on both sides of the Roger Clemens case are ready for key testimony from Debbie Clemens about her husband’s alleged use of HGH, as the defense nears the end of its case.


Brian McNamee, Roger Clemens' former strength coach, arrives to testify in the perjury and obstruction trial of former major league baseball pitcher Roger Clemens on May 14, 2012 in Washington, D.C. (credit: Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images)

Wife Contradicts Witness In Clemens Trial

The Roger Clemens perjury trial at its core pits one man’s word against another’s. Now the estranged wife of one of them, Clemens’ accuser Brian McNamee, is weighing in as a defense witness.


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Clemens Gets Boost From Scientist’s Testimony

Roger Clemens’ defense may have regained the momentum in his perjury trial when a scientist testified that the government’s physical evidence against the former pitcher could have been contaminated.


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Clemens Loses Bid To Have Issa Testify In Trial

U.S. District Judge Reggie Walton almost made it sound like he was doing Roger Clemens’ lawyers a favor when he ruled that they can’t call Rep. Darrell Issa as a witness.


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Clemens Turns To Manager & Massage Therapist

Defense attorneys used a former baseball manager and a massage therapist to argue that Roger Clemens didn’t change much physically late in his career.


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Former Clemens Catchers Back Him Up At Trial

Two catchers who were teammates of pitcher Roger Clemens said he played with integrity and refused to cut corners, the opposite of the image painted by prosecutors of a man who cheated to gain an edge and then lied about it to Congress.


Opening Arguments Begin In Roger Clemens Perjury Trial

Clemens Lawyers Play Up Pitcher’s Work Ethic

Lawyers launched their defense of Roger Clemens with a pair of witnesses who described, in reverential terms, the famed baseball pitcher’s work ethic in high school and college.


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Prosecutors Ready To End Case Against Clemens

The government is expected to finish its perjury case against former major league pitcher Roger Clemens on Tuesday, and the defense should begin its case.


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DNA Evidence To Be Presented In Clemens Case

Roger Clemens’ genetic makeup helped make him one of the most successful pitchers in baseball history. Now prosecutors hope that Clemens’ own DNA will help them convict him of a federal crime.


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Judge Warns Reluctant Witness In Clemens Case

A federal judge says that if former MLB player David Segui defies a prosecution subpoena to testify at the Roger Clemens perjury trial, he had better run, “because the marshals will be after him.”


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Prosecutors Near End Of Case Against Clemens

The Roger Clemens perjury case resumes on Wednesday after a day off, with prosecutors coming to the end of their case against the former baseball star.


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Witness Says He Saw Clemens At Canseco Party

Star-struck when he saw pitching great Roger Clemens, a 25-year-old man became a witness for prosecutors seeking to convict the former baseball player of lying to Congress.