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Shoppers peruse notebooks and other back-to-school items in a Walmart store. (credit: Tim Boyle/Getty Images)

Back-To-School Texas Sales Tax Holiday Aug. 17-19

The Texas sales tax holiday is Aug. 17-19 and shoppers gearing up for the new school year will save money on a variety of back-to-school items.


People check out new Energy Star rated major appliances at a departmnet store. (credit: Getty Images/Frank Polich)

Texans Can Save Energy & Taxes This Weekend

Looking for a new refrigerator? This may be your lucky weekend.


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Amazon Settles Sales Tax Spat With Texas

Amazon is doing an about-face in Texas, saying it will bring jobs back to the state and start paying sales tax a year after closing a distribution center in dispute.


A man checks out his purchases at a department store on Black Friday. (credit: Chris Hondros/Getty Images)

Texas Sales Tax Revenue Up Nearly 10 Percent

Texas Comptroller Susan Combs says state sales tax revenue for January was up almost 10 percent over last year.


A man checks out his purchases at a department store on Black Friday. (credit: Chris Hondros/Getty Images)

Texas Sales Tax Revenue Grows From Last Year

State sales tax revenue was up 12.2 percent last month in Texas, compared to receipts from the previous November, the state comptroller said.


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Changes Coming To Tax Free Weekend In 2012

Tax free weekend is in full swing, but there will a big change to it next year.


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States Look To Internet Taxes To Close Budget Gaps

State governments across the country are laying off teachers, closing public libraries and parks, and reducing health care services, but there is one place they could get $23 billion a year if they could only agree how to do it: Internet retailers such as


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Texas House Defies Veto Of Internet Sales Tax Bill

Legislators voted to keep a provision in an omnibus spending bill that would expand the number of internet sellers who must collect sales tax.


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Save Sales Tax On Energy-Efficient Appliances

Over the Memorial Day weekend, going green will cost less money. Certain energy-efficient appliances will be able to be purchased without sales tax.


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House Bill To Expand Internet Sales Tax Collection

The Texas House has approved a bill intended to expand the number of Internet companies that must collect Texas sales tax.


In this photo illustration, Cyber Monday ads are seen on websites on November 29, 2010. (credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

State House Looks At Taxing Internet Sales

Some internet retailers could be required to collect sales tax if the company has a connection to Texas.


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State Sales Tax Revenue Up From Last Year

Comptroller Susan Combs says sales tax revenue for last month rose 9.7 percent in Texas compared to a year ago.