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Scott Braddock

Late Night Texas Music: "Good Times"

Charlie Robison plays us out tonight… – Scott Braddock


Mondays with Carl (Audio)

Monday nights at 8:05, nationally known political analyst Carl Jeffers joins me to break down the biggest political stories of the week.  Tonight, we focused exclusively on the firestorm over the mosque planned near Ground […]


Appeal is Filed in Gay Marriage Case (Audio)

Gay rights advocate Anne Wynne with Atticus Circle joined me tonight to talk about the controversy unfolding in California and what it could mean for gay marriage across the nation. 


How is the Mexican Drug War Affecting Texas? (Audio)

Many thanks to Nate Blakeslee at Texas Monthly for joining me to talk about his reporting on this issue. 


Dallas to Crack Down on "K2" Soon

Following the lead of other cities in North Texas, Dallas seems poised to take a stand against the synthetic marijuana known as “K2.” 


Health Care Reform Challenge Moves Forward (Audio)

In case you missed my conversation with Dallas Tea Party Organizer Ken Emanuelson, here it is.


Afghanistan Debate (Audio)

In case you missed our discussion about the secret documents released by the website Wikileak, here it is.  Audio after the jump…


Should It Be Illegal for Your Boss to Bully You? (Audio)

In case you missed our discussion about the possibility of New York cracking down on “bully bosses,” here it is.  Audio after the jump…


Congressional Approval at 11 Percent (Audio)

The new Gallup poll shows that Americans have very little confidence in Congress.


Gov. Perry Boycotts Border Governors Meeting (Audio)

Governor Perry seems to be trying to have it both ways on the Arizona immigration law. He has said he does not want to see the same kind of law for Texas.  But, now he’s […]


That Thing is NOT El Chupacabra (Audio)

Bud Kennedy at the Fort Worth Star Telegram took the time to chat with me tonight about what was really shot in Hood County by Animal Control officers.  Audio after the jump…


Tonight at 7pm: Obama Pushes Immigration Reform, This is the Day "Pre-Existing" Becomes Meaningless, and more…

A huge day for huge stories and we’ll once again delve into as many as possible during my two hours with you on the radio. At 7:05: President Obama’s outline for immigration reform.   So far, […]