Texas Tea Party Leader: GOP Race Is Wide Open I thought it would be a good idea to check in with Dallas Tea Party founder Phillip Dennis and see what he thinks of how Gov. Perry and the other candidates have performed so far.
Braddock: Would Perry Crack Down On Illegal Immigration As President?One of the most pressing issues for conservative Republican primary voters is illegal immigration. It’s also an issue that could prove troublesome for Gov. Perry in his presidential bid.
How Much Credit Can Rick Perry Claim for Texas Economy?Now that Gov. Perry has announced for the White House, the debate has quickly shifted to how much credit he can really claim for the Texas economy. In short: He takes lots.
Explaining Governor Perry’s Stance On Gay MarriageIt seems Gov. Perry confused some social conservatives and the national media when he recently said that that it as “OK” with him that New York has legalized gay marriage.
Christians Shouldn’t Try To Make Every Issue A Moral AbsoluteI thought it would be interesting to talk with a prominent religious leader in North Texas about people turning to their faith in crisis situations.
The Anchor Mom: Taxes and ConsequencesThe Keller Independent School District cuts free school busing to save tax dollars.
Activist Says Too Many Hispanics In Texas LegislatureA well known immigration activist has come under fire for suggesting the reason Texas hasn’t passed an Arizona-style immigration crackdown is there are too many Hispanics in the legislature.
A Reality Check For The Fact CheckersI had a heated exchange with Gardner Selby at Politifact Texas today on 1080 KRLD about his “fact check” of a fight over Plano Superintendent Doug Otto’s claim that Governor Perry believes there’s 1-to-1 ratio of teachers to administrators in Texas.
Visualizing The Dallas Mayoral DebatesMayoral candidates Mike Rawlings, David Kunkle, Ron Natinsky and Edward Okpa discussed a range of issues surrounding the city Tuesday during a mayoral debate held at Southern Methodist University.
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