State Budget

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State Agencies Offered Retirement Deals To Trim Budgets

Some Texas agencies facing severe budget cuts used financial incentives ranging from $10,000 to $25,000 to entice eligible employees to retire.


The Texas State Capitol building. (credit: Jeff Haynes/AFP/Getty Images)

Texas Lawmakers Kick The Can Down The Road

Texas lawmakers started the year promising to make hard choices and not ‘kick the can’ down the road. But guess what happened.


A math teacher uses a white board to explain a sum to students. (credit: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

DISD Trustees To Vote On Final Budget Proposal

On Thursday evening, DISD school board trustees sat down to finalize the millions of dollars of budget cuts that are now necessary.


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Keller ISD Ready To Park Buses & Cut Teachers

Keller ISD board president Kevin Stevenson said Monday that major cuts will now be implemented after voters turned down a tax increase.


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North Texas School Districts Cutting Bus Service

As state lawmakers remain deadlocked on education funding, school districts are making spending decisions, chopping things like bus service.


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Poll: Education Most Important Issue Facing Texas

According to poll results released Tuesday by the nonpartisan Texas Lyceum group. more than one-fifth of Texans say education is the most important issue facing the state.


A math teacher uses a white board to explain a sum to students. (credit: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

Texas House Passes School Funding Measure

The Texas House approved slashing $4 billion from public schools and establishing a new formula that will change how funds are distributed.


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State House Debates School Funding Measure

The Texas House is debating legislation that will cut $4 billion from Texas public schools to deal with a multibillion dollar revenue shortfall.


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Texas House Approves Medicaid Changes

The 142-page measure is part of a special legislative session to pass laws that will balance the state budget. It could save the state $467 million.


Texas Governor Rick Perry waits during his introduction before addressing Austin's largest naturalization ceremony at the Delco Activity Center on May 11, 2007 in Austin, Texas. (credit: Taylor Jones/Getty Images)

Special Session Hampers Perry Presidential Bid

A special session is not an ideal scenario for a politician who says he’ll consider the White House when the state’s legislative work is done.


Thousands gathered at the Texas State Capitol in Austin on March 12, 2011 to protest budget cuts to public schools. (credit: Joel Thomas/KTVT/KTXA)

State’s School Finance Plan Set For Public Hearing

A GOP-backed measure that includes new distribution formulas for public schools is getting a set of hearings Thursday in the Texas Capitol.


People gather outside of the Texas State Capitol building in Austin. (credit: PAUL BUCK/AFP/Getty Images)

Late Night Filibuster Kills School Finance Bill

Democrats used a filibuster to block the bill early Monday morning, after 139 days of fighting budget measures that slash billions of dollars in state funding from education.