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Texas Programs Try Prostitute Rehab Instead Of Jail

Kathryn Griffin Grinan is a former prostitute who now dons a business suit and heels as she transforms her non-profit into a taxpayer-funded program that is teaming up with Texas law enforcement and courts to reform women.


West Nile Aerial Spray Chemicals

North Texas Doctor Starts West Nile Virus Support Group

West Nile Virus nearly killed Dr. Don Read seven years ago. When he recovered, the Dallas colorectal surgeon formed a support group. Now, because of all the cases this year, he’s re-starting the group next week.

CBS 11–09/03/2012

West Nile Aerial Spray Chemicals

DFW West Nile Victim Looks To Start Support Group

Art Creech is working to regain his life three years after going to the doctor with flu-like symptoms. Creech suffered from menongital-encephalitis, one of the most dangerous types of West Nile virus-related illnesses.



DIVAS Offer Support For Newly Divorced Singles

There are support groups for just about every need out there. Not for divorce. Yet, according to government data, for every two marriages, there’s one divorce.


Two doctors look at breast cancer x-rays. (credit:  Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Support Group Gathers Around Cancer Caregivers

Their marriage was a loving one, but Bob Baker admits he didn’t know what to do once his wife was diagnosed with Leukemia in 2008.


A group of students take part in Take Back the Night to bring awareness to sexual abuse at Texas Women's University in Denton on April 11, 2011.

Hundreds March To ‘Take Back The Night’ At TWU

Hundreds of students marched through the Texas Women’s University campus Monday to support victims of sexual assault.