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Texas Comptroller Raises $1.1 Million For Campaign

Texas Comptroller Susan Combs says she’s raised $1.1 million in campaign money in the final quarter of 2011.


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Texas Lawmakers Will Likely Tap Rainy Day Fund

Lawmakers will most likely have to tap the Rainy Day Fund to balance the budget in 2013, state comptroller Susan Combs said in an interview.


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Texas Sales Tax Revenue Grows From Last Year

State sales tax revenue was up 12.2 percent last month in Texas, compared to receipts from the previous November, the state comptroller said.


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Texas Man Exonerated By DNA To Get More Money

Texas will pay a Dallas County man released from prison in 2006 after DNA evidence exonerated him of a rape that he did not commit an additional $753,000 on top of $1 million already paid for the 20 years he spent wrongfully imprisoned.


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Few Texas School Districts Rate Highly In Report

Only about 4 percent of school districts in Texas earned a top rating, according to a report released by Comptroller Susan Combs on Thursday.


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Perry: Feds Owe Texas For Incarcerating Illegal Immigrants

Just days before announcing his candidacy for president, Gov. Rick Perry sent a letter to the Obama administration saying Washington owes Texas more than $349 million for Texas’ incarceration of illegal immigrants.


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Texas Gets Ready For Tax-Free Weekend

Texas businesses and shoppers are getting ready for this weekend’s sales tax holiday as students prepare to return to school.


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Texas Exoneree Suing To Receive Full Compensation

One of Texas’ best-known wrongly convicted men sued the state comptroller Monday claiming he’s been denied full compensation for the time he spent in prison.


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Perry Signs Wrongful Convictions Payment Bill

A man who was wrongly imprisoned in Texas for nearly two decades over slayings that he did not commit will be paid $1.4 million.


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Texas Revenue Forecast Up About $1 Billion

State revenues over the next the two years will be about $1 billion more than previously thought.


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Texas Agency Denies Request For Data Leak Emails

A state agency has declined to release documents about the accidental online posting of the personal information of 3.5 million Texans.


Pieces of mail wait to be sorted at a Postal Center. (credit: Win McNamee/Getty Images)

Texas Comptroller Apologizes For Records Release

The release of personal information of 3.5 million Texans was a result of “human error,” State Comptroller Susan Combs said.