Texas Appleseed

Young people in hooded tops gather on a street. (credit: Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

House Committee Hears 7 Bills Easing Truancy Punishments

House lawmakers are hearing seven bills aimed at easing truancy laws a week after an advocacy group reported that Texas prosecutes twice as many teens for unexcused absences than all other states combined.


The judge's podium in a courtroom. (credit: Robyn Beck/AFP/Getty Images)

TX Chief Justice: School Ticketing Is “Criminalizing” Children

Remember when acting out at school would get you detention? Now, state leaders say the same actions are landing to many Texas children in front of judges.


Empty school desks sit on a lawn. (credit: Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Texas Senate Panels Examine School Discipline

The Texas Senate Education and Criminal Justice committees are meeting jointly to discuss how schools treat troublesome students.


A student writes during a school lesson on September 4, 2003. (credit: Scott Barbour/Getty Images)

11 School Districts Spend $140M On Discipline

A survey of 11 public school districts who teach a quarter of Texas children found that officials spend $227 million a year on disciplinary programs and school security.