Texas Immigration

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Immigrant Surge Underscores Texas Political Divide

Texas Democrats say the solution for dealing with the thousands of immigrant children pouring into the country is a softer, more measured policy response, while state Republicans emphasize clamping down on the U.S.-Mexico border.


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G.W. Bush Promotes Benefits Of Immigration Reform

Making a rare return to the political arena, former President George W. Bush urged Congress on Wednesday to reach a “positive resolution” on immigration reform.


A 5-month-old waits while her mother shops for groceries. (credit: John Moore/Getty Images)

Births, Not New Immigrants, Push U.S. Latino Growth

With immigration slowing, babies born in the U.S. rather than newly arrived Mexican immigrants are now driving most of the fast growth in the Latino population.


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Proof Of Citizenship Required To Renew A Texas Driver’s License

Tucked inside the state school finance bill is a provision requiring Texans to prove their citizenship, or legal status, before receiving their first or renewing an old driver’s license.


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State Republicans Blame Each Other For Immigration Bill Failure

When the immigration enforcement bill died again this week without a vote in the Texas House, Democrats smirked while Governor Rick Perry and GOP lawmakers angrily blamed each other for its demise.


Texas State Capitol

Texas Senate Opens Hearing On Immigration Bill

Dallas and Houston law enforcement officials said Monday that they oppose legislation that would free up officers in so-called sanctuary cities to ask about the immigration status of anyone pulled over during a traffic stop, questioned as a witness or otherwise detained.