"2001" Tops Obama's List Of Favorite Sci-Fi FilmsStanley Kubrick's cerebral interstellar saga "2001: A Space Odyssey" and Ridley Scott's android drama "Blade Runner" are among President Obama's favorite sci-fi movies.
Johnson & Johnson Warns Diabetics Insulin Pump HackableJohnson & Johnson is warning more than 100,000 thousand medical patients who use certain insulin pumps that hackers may be targeting them.
"Matrix" Shootout Remade In LEGO BricksEverything is awesome, including a LEGO version of a classic action movie. A YouTube user recreated the famous lobby shootout scene from the "The Matrix" with toy bricks.
Viral Video: "The Matrix" Retold By MomA guy's mom hadn't seen "The Matrix," so she watched it and described exactly what she saw -- including the character Moshimo and babies in bubbles. Huh?