On The Road: Braille Weaving LoomThey say the key to learning something is to have fun while you are learning and you will remember it better. Today I went On the Road to the Dallas Lighthouse for the Blind to find out about a new tool they are using to teach the visually impaired about braille.
Through The Lens: Edible Car ContestThese days there is a lot of talk about healthy eating in schools and the juvenile obesity problem but there is one contest for school kids that is using tasty treat as a vehicle for learning.
Through The Lens: Auctioneers SchoolPeople from all over the country come to Lewisville to one of the best auctioneer schools in the country.
Through The Lens: JP's Barber Shop
Through The Lens: Dust And DistanceWhen I heard about an artist who was going to use over 1,800 pounds of plaster to create her art, I thought that sounded interesting.
Through The Lens: National Anthem AuditionsOh say, can you sing? That was the question at hand today in Grand Prairie.
Through The Lens: Basket Weavers GuildI wanted to find someone who weaves baskets for a story and found the DFW Basket Weavers Guild. Yes, there is a guild for that and they are today's Through the Lens story.
TTL: Ballroom Dancers Take Second In World CompetitionBallroom dancing has become popular in the last few years thanks to TV reality shows dedicated to the competition of dancing, but long before Dancing With the Stars Nicholas Stevens and Alexandra Gutkovich were practicing their moves.
Through The Lens: National Scouting Museum
Through The Lens: Valentines For Veterans
Through The Lens: Pole Position RacewayI don't think it matters who you are, I think everyone likes to pretend to be a race car driver when they get the chance. I got my chance last week when I went to the Pole Position Raceway in Frisco.
Through The Lens: Rodeo For The Blind