TSA Screenings Fail To Spot Weapons Most Of The TimeAn undercover operation has revealed that Transportation Security Administration screenings at airports fail for the most part.
Airport Security Fix: Better Training For Humans And DogsThe TSA suffers from understaffing, low morale and high turnover. But the agency's current administrator wants to hire more enthusiastic agents, train them better, and better use bomb-sniffing dogs.
New TSA Chief Takes Heat From Washington Over DFW Security ScareSunday's security lapse at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport came up three different times in a Congressional committee hearing on Wednesday.
Experts: Missing Malaysia Jet Could Lead To Increased Security ScreeningIt's a mystery still baffling investigators nine days later: Where is Malaysia Air flight 370? Authorities are now focusing on the pilot and co-pilot. Experts say the issue of the missing plane could lead to more scrutiny of flight crews.
Love Field Breaks Carryon Handgun Violation RecordA new record set at Dallas Love Field Airport has the facility’s Federal Security Director concerned. Director Amy Williams said in April alone agents have found six handguns in carryon bags, at TSA checkpoints.
Local Passengers Left More Than $17K At TSA CheckpointsHow many of you have forgotten to get your spare change out of the dish after going through airport security? Apparently, a lot!
No More Body Image Details With TSA ScreeningsSecurity screeners at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport will no longer see full body image outlines when passengers go through scanning machines.
State Senate Passes Weakened Airport Groping BillA Texas Senate committee has passed a weakened version of a bill criminalizing intrusive security pat-downs at airports, angering many of the people who showed up to support it.
Minimal TSA Protests Fail To Delay DFW OperationsAll the talk of frustrated Americans protesting passenger screening procedures at U.S. airports barely caused a ripple at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport Wednesday.