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Company Recalls Nearly 23K Pounds Of Bacteria-Tainted Meat

Reser’s Fine Foods in Topeka, Kansas, is recalling about 22,800 pounds of potentially bacteria-tainted chicken, ham and beef products.


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Plastic Fragments Prompt Frozen Pizza Recalls

Nestle Pizza Co. of Little Chute is recalling four frozen-pizza products that might be contaminated with plastic fragments.


Rain falls on drought-damaged corn on July 17, 2012 near Somerville, Indiana. The corn and soybean belt in the middle of the nation is experiencing one of the worst droughts in more than five decades. Indiana was the nation's fourth largest corn producer in 2011. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Woe Of The Corn: America’s No. 1 Crop Threatened By Drought

America is the world’s largest corn producer, a fact that makes the vegetable the No. 1 cash crop in the country. But record drought in the prime corn producing regions in the midwest are threatening its growth –– a fact that could affect the price of beef, poultry, pork and fish.


An employee works on June 16, 2011, on t

Iowa Gov., U.S. Ag. Secretary Launch Pink Slime Promotion Effort

Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad and U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack say they are launching a campaign against “misinformation” about a beef product known as pink slime.


Ground beef passes through a machine that makes hamburger patties at a meat packing and distribution facility. (credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

‘Pink Slime’ Maker Suspends Texas Plant Operations

The company that makes “pink slime” suspended operations Monday at three of four plants where the beef ingredient is made, saying officials would work to address recent public concern about the product.


Ground beef passes through a machine that makes hamburger patties at a meat packing and distribution facility. (credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Schools Will Get To Opt Out Of “Pink Slime” Beef

School districts soon will be able to opt out of a common ammonia-treated ground beef filler critics have dubbed “pink slime.”


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USDA Begins Tweeting Food Recall Alerts

Anyone with a Twitter account can now be among the first to know about food recalls with a new service the Department of Agriculture is rolling out.


Supermarkets Compete In Premium Beef Market

Beef Recalled Over Labeling Problem, Includes Texas Shipments

A Minnesota wholesaler is recalling more than a ton of beef sirloin products because the labels fail to indicate that one ingredient is milk, a possible allergen.


A severe drought has caused a number of dry-land (non-irrigated) crops in Texas to fail. (credit: Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Texas Gets $13M In Emergency Agriculture Funding

Texas will receive almost $13 million in emergency assistance funds from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.


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Environment Group Releases ‘Dirty Dozen’ Produce List

Don’t pick up that piece of fruit just yet, a Washington, D.C. based environmental group wants you to know what to look out for in the produce section.


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Washington Decision Could Affect Quality Of DFW School Lunches

A food fight in Washington over school lunches has trickled down to Dallas/Fort Worth Area ISDs, where parents are frustrated that lawmakers may pick cost over nutrition.


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USDA Lowers Pork’s Safe Cooking Temperature

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service will announce Tuesday that it has lowered its temperature recommendation for cooking pork to 145 degrees.