Victor Butler

Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles

2009 Draft Continues To Haunt The Cowboys

The 2009 draft is a perfect example, a microcosm, of what happens when a franchise drafts poorly. It can’t be made up for with free-agent signings or coaching.


Victor Butler, Dallas Cowboys

What Does Victor Butler Want For Christmas?

What do you get a 6’2, 250 lb linebacker for Christmas? The Dallas Cowboys own Victory Butler joined RAGE to answer that question!


Denver Broncos v Dallas Cowboys

Cowboys LB Butler Ready To Be Unleashed

Victor Butler was easy to spot in the Dallas Cowboys’ preseason opener. Wherever Tim Tebow went, Butler followed.


Buehler kicks Cowboys to win

For a final preseason game that meant relatively nothing, this one was actually the most entertaining of the five. Cowboys win it 27-25 with a perfect test drive for David Buehler.  He hit a 40 […]