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Bikers In Waco Rally To End Negative Stigma

About 300 attended the biker rally in Waco Sunday. Organizers called for individuals and law enforcement to drop the association they have with bikers and gangs — they claim 90% of all the 177 arrested after the Twin Peaks shootout are innocent.


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Some Witness, Police Accounts Of Waco Shootout Conflict

Semi-automatic gunfire dominated Waco biker shootout, witnesses say; but police identified only one assault weapon among the firearms confiscated from bikers — and that was found in a locked car AFTER the shooting ended.



Waco Police Bracing For Large Biker Rally Sunday

Hundreds of bikers are expected to be a part of the “All For 1 Rally & Protest” in Waco Sunday afternoon. The group claims 90 percent of all the 177 arrested after the Twin Peaks shootout are not guilty of anything.


Manuel Issac Rodriguez, 40, of Allen

Waco Shootout Biker Laid To Rest In Garland Saturday

A North Texas biker killed in the Waco shootout earlier this month was laid to rest today. The funeral for Manuel Rodriguez was held Saturday in Garland. The 40-year-old Bandidos gang member was shot and killed outside the Twin Peaks Restaurant nearly two weeks ago.


plano funeral

Waco Latest: Funeral Held For Biker

A funeral was held Saturday in Plano for one of the nine bikers killed in a Waco shootout. Also new: Texas lawmakers approved motorcycle safety legislation in response to the shootout.


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Too Many Bikers, Not Enough Lawyers

There aren’t enough qualified attorneys in Waco to represent all 170 bikers arrested.


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Texas House Passes Biker Safety Bill Days After Shooting

Texas lawmakers approved motorcycle safety legislation on Friday that supporters say was going to be discussed at the biker’s meeting in Waco where a deadly shootout erupted last weekend.


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Texas Senate Approves Open Carry Of Handguns

The bill still needs a final House vote. That chamber has already passed a similar version.


Waco Biker Gang Shooting 5

Waco Shooting Latest: Slain Biker Won Purple Heart

Military records show one of the nine bikers killed outside a Texas restaurant was a Purple Heart recipient who served in Vietnam.


Waco Biker Gang Shooting 5

Bikers, Others Flee Gunfire In Waco Restaurant Video

When gunfire erupted in the parking lot of a Texas restaurant, most of the leather-clad motorcycle riders watching the confrontation from the patio or inside immediately ran away from the shooting.



Biker’s Wife Says Some Arrestees Are Innocent

Katie Rhoten told The Associated Press that her husband, a mechanic from Austin, called her from jail and said that he and two other members of a motorcycle club called Vise Grip ducked and ran for cover amid the violence that also left 18 injured.


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Five Biker Gang Members Killed Sunday Were From North Texas

There is no word, yet, on who fired the fatal shots in each case—a rival biker, or police.