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'Granite State': The Duality Of Man - And Of 'Breaking Bad' In leading up to its penultimate episode and next week’s finale, “Breaking Bad’’ has for six seasons left a trail of bread crumbs meant to lead us to the concept of “duality’’ – and in my view, in the end, to the death of one man’s duality.
Breaking Down 'Breaking Bad': My Theory Of True ColorsOnce Upon A Time In The Old West, good guys wore white and bad guys wore black. In the modern Spaghetti Western that is ‘Breaking Bad,’ the color wheel spins infinitely beyond ‘White’ and ‘Black,’ using colors as symbols, hints and Easter eggs.
Breaking Bad Review: OzymandiasBreaking Bad only has two episode left in the series, and the Ben and Skin show review the greatest episode in television history that aired on Sunday night.
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