Whitt's End: 9.28.12Oh stop it with all this “The replacement refs will leave a stain on this season.” In Green Bay, maybe. But I’m thinking the Packers are good enough to overcome 1 game.
Whitt's End: 9.21.12I feel ya, it’s maddening. Watching Martellus Bennett flourish with the New York Giants is actually sickening. In 60 games as a Cowboy the former 2nd-round draft pick produced 4 touchdowns.
Whitt's End: 8.24.12I competed against Lance in what was once the President’s Health Club Triathlon out by Lake Lavon in the late ‘80s and know his mom, Linda. I get that it’s just no longer worth it.
Whitt's End: 7.13.12Damn you Justin Verlander. First of all for being able to get naked with Kate Upton. But mostly for digging a 5-0 for the American League and costing the Rangers a shot at home-field advantage in the World Series.
Whitt's End: 6.22.12Before you start knee-jerk comparing LeBron favorably to Jordan, remember this: In his first 9 seasons His Airness won 3 rings and 7 scoring titles. In his first 9 LeBron has just 1 each.
Whitt's End: 6.15.12Whether you’ve reached the end of your rope or merely the end of your week, welcome to Whitt’s End.
Whitt's End: 6.8.12Remember back when the Rangers’ season was going along swimmingly? They started 15-4. Josh Hamilton was crushing homers. Starters were all producing quality starts.
Whitt's End: 5.25.12After that 15-4 start that had the Metroplex on the edge of its seat with every pitch, the buzz over the Texas Rangers has at least momentarily dulled.