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Best Bets For Kosher Food In DFW

April 4, 2012 4:00 AM

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(credit: Thinkstock)

(credit: Thinkstock)

Hungry diners from many faiths often find themselves thinking of some of their favorite kosher dishes. The Dallas / Fort Worth area is not inundated with kosher eateries, but the ones that are here are stellar and worthy of attention.
falafelinpita Best Bets For Kosher Food In DFW

(credit: Thinkstock)

Milk and Honey Jerusalem Market and Grill
420 North Coit Road
Richardson, TX  75080
(972) 404-0704

Hours: Sun to Fri – 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Milk and Honey Jerusalem Market and Grill is a simple little establishment and very understated, but don’t think for a moment that the food reflects this description. This little gem is considered by many Israeli ex-patriots to have the absolute best selection of authentic kosher food and imported items from Israel. Pita is baked fresh daily and the market has an extensive dry goods section. Fridays are particularly tempting, as this is when rotisserie chickens, baked pastries and challah are made.

carshonsdeli Best Bets For Kosher Food In DFW


3133 Cleburne Road
Fort Worth, TX  76110
(817) 923-1907

Hours: Mon to Sat – 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Carshon’s Deli is one of the oldest restaurants in Fort Worth and was founded in 1928 by a Jewish immigrant; it is the only kosher deli in Cowtown. When craving an authentic deli sandwich, this is just the place to fit the bill, offering selections like the Rachel with corned beef and turkey, melted swiss, cole slaw and Russian dressing.  If the craving is for something lighter, the soups include bean and barley, split pea and chicken noodle. And few can resist freshly toasted bagles with a healthy serving of lox and cream cheese. For a more robust appetite, the meat and fish platters are certain to tempt any palate with everything from Knockwurst to smoked trout.

natalieskitchen Best Bets For Kosher Food In DFW


Natalie’s Kitchen & Market
7114 Campbell Road
Dallas, TX  75248
(972) 380-1010

Hours: Sun to Thu 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., Fri 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Natalie’s is a full-service eatery and grocery that provides a rich opportunity for shoppers to buy products in larger quantities – which will come in very handy when entertaining.  When looking for a specialty item for a kosher dish, the market is certain to have it in stock. It also has prepared dishes such as tabulie, eggplant salad, a delectable array of flavored hummus, and kebabs featuring a choice of chicken, kafta or lamb.

bagels Best Bets For Kosher Food In DFW

(credit: Thinkstock)

Cindi’s NY Deli
306 S. Houston St.
Dallas, TX  75202
(214) 744-4745

Hours: Mon to Fri – 6 a.m. to 3 p.m., Sat – 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.

When the need for catering arises for special events, Cindi’s NY Deli is certain to fit the bill with its famous bagels, challah, rye and pastries. Only in America could a dainty, Vietnamese woman like Anh Vo own a kosher deli, but that is exactly who is behind the success of Cindi’s. With more than 10 varieties of bagels to select from, it’s a great way to start the day. Another solid option for a group is the smoked fish platter with a variety of succulent, fresh fish and garnishes. For those diners that wish to eat at Cindi’s, the open faced corned beef or pastrami is a solid selection or the nova lox and eggs. Cindi’s a solid plan whether dining in or catering for a gathering.

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13410 Preston Road
Dallas, TX  75240
(972) 726-9800Hours: Mon to Sat – 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.This little restaurant is kosher and offers up what is considered to be the finest Baba Ganoush in the city. Other delectable offerings at Aderet include tilapia, kebabs, couscous, a savory lentil soup, and thick, rich hummus.

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Raine Devries is a 5th generation Dallasite and is well acquainted with the best that the city has to offer. She resides in the Downtown / Deep Ellum area and enjoys being so close to the Arts District, live music venues, and great restaurants. She has a passion for international travel, indie/foreign films, and riding her Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Her work can be found at

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  • RL

    This article is wrong! Two of the restaurants are absolutely not kosher. One, Cindi’s, serves ham and eggs. That might be a give away that it is not kosher! The reference to Karshons with Swiss and pastrami also confirms it is not kosher because it is improper to have milk and meat products together.

    The article should be withdrawn or revised because it misleads readers about kosher restaurants. Kosher observant Jews cannot eat in non kosher restaurants like the ones described in this article.

    Milk and Honey and Natalie’s are kosher.

    Restaurants designated as kosher must be supervised by a kosher (kashrut) supervisor. Dallas has DKT. They keep a list of real kosher restaurants.

    Please revise this misleading article.

    • Bill

      What RL said. I’m not Jewish, but I do know meat and cheese are not served together, and technically you have separate sets of dishes for dairy stuff. However, Carshon’s is pretty good if you crave pastrami or corned beef.

  • RL

    I have heard Carshons is great. It just is not kosher. It might be considered “kosher style” but there is a big difference. Just FYI – Texas law prohibits a restaurant (or food manufacturer) from claiming its food is kosher when it is not kosher.


    CARSHON’S is Kosher STYLE, you ignorant GOY moron! They put cheese on the beef chili – NOT Kosher. They do other things that are not Kosher, either. The food prep is also all done in the same area, which again, is NOT KOSHER!

    If you’re NOT Jewish, nor have the understanding of the intracies of Kosher cuisine, DON’T MAKE A LIST OF “KOSHER” RESTAURANTS! YOU IDIOT SHIKSA!


    Never been to Cindi’s but if they serve HAM, they are NOT Kosher! LOL. What an idiot the author of this list is! She probably put bagel, challah, and New York together and ASSUMED it’s Kosher, especially since it’s a stone’s throw from the Jewish Community Center of Dallas. Go away, stupid shiksa!

  • The Gastropod (as read on Urbanspoon)

    LOL. What an IDIOT! It’s amazing what kind of idiots can post a story on a “news” site these days.

  • DDR

    “corned beef and turkey, melted swiss”


  • Gordon Ramsay

    You should be ashamed for publishing such a list without having even a basic knowledge of Kosher food. How embarrassing for you and the station you work for! Just because they sell bagels and lox does not mean the place is Kosher! So sad what is acceptable as food journalism these days. Good thing you didn’t write a piece on Halal food. Those folks are less forgiving than the Jews.

  • The Yarmulke

    Being a reform Jew, I love Carshon’s, but as stated in other posts, it is so not Kosher.


    The Yarmulke: You know what the best thing about being a Reform Jew is? BACON! LOL!


    Your lack of knowledge of Kosher food is equal to your lack of knowledge of the English language. I’ve already lost count of your grammatical errors, and the one or two spelling errors. “Cindi’s a solid plan whether dining in or catering for a gathering.” LOL. Get a job at Dillard’s – that’s where all you journalist flunkies end up anyway.


    LOL! WOW, GENIUS, even Carshon’s WEB SITE’S HOME PAGE even says they are Kosher STYLE! LOL You’re a moron!

    “Carshon’s is a kosher style deli today – and the only one in Fort Worth.”

    FYI – Kosher and Kosher style is not the same! For example – Nathan’s hot dogs and Sabrett’s hot dogs are Kosher style. Hebrew National hot dogs are KOSHER! LOL. You loser!

  • Lou Mungo

    I agree. Carshon’s is not Kosher, and neither is Cindi’s.

    What a dumb Gentile. Please cease from reporting/writing and seek another line of work.

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