Best Of 20-Something Uptown Dallas Nightlife

September 7, 2011 6:00 AM

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College is filled with plenty of weekends (and weeknights) spent bar hopping and waking up with a slight buzz that remains into the early afternoon hours, even as you take your Spanish final.

But hey, it’s college, no judgment. It’s four whole years of getting away with whatever you want – but what happens when you graduate?

How is it possible that your social life go on? When you graduate from the education system, you move on from school, get a job, an apartment, possibly a dog, make new friends – and you also must graduate from those college-y dive bars in which you spent the better part of your senior year.

Face it, $1 pitcher beers and seeing the inside of a bottle of Jack at 2:00 a.m. on a Wednesday are a thing of the past.

Friends; fellow 20-something, seemingly lost in the metroplex; you need new bars. Fortunately, Uptown Dallas has a support system that will help ease you out of the Greek system and into a world where you can drink socially with people your own age who, like you, have college degrees and share your passion for well-priced wells and the Cuervo worm. We present to you the Best of 20-something Uptown Dallas Nightlife.

Renfield’s Corner
2603A Routh Street
Dallas, TX 75201
Hours: Mon-Fri 4pm -2am / Sat-Sun 12pm – 2am

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A man drinks a pint of beer on November 26, 2004 in Glasgow, Scotland. (credit: Chris Furlong/Getty Images)

Since opening last year, Renfield’s has quickly become the most popular bar for the 20-something crowd. If you went to college in the area – your friends are probably already hanging out here. Scratch that – they’re here, and they’re wondering why you aren’t. With a newly constructed patio, Renfield’s is a prime location for grabbing a drink with your friends and meeting plenty of new ones. Get here by 11pm on any given Friday and set up camp for the next three hours.

Fun Fact: Renfield’s offers free live music on Wednesday evenings

Black Friar Pub
2621 McKinney Avenue
Dallas, TX 75204
Hours: Mon-Fri 3pm – 2am / Sat-Sun 12p-2am

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From the same very talented people who brought you Renfield’s comes Black Friar Pub where the extensive patio is welcoming and the drinks are strong. When I say the drinks are strong, I mean strong. Like, “would you like some soda water with your vodka” strong. When looking at Black Friar from the street, the patio may not look like much, but once you enter the bar past the bouncers, the patio feels much bigger and you’re surrounded by thirsty, like-minded individuals ready to get their weekend started. Happy hour is Mon-Fri from 3pm-7pm. When the weather is nice, stop by after work for a drink with your coworkers or friends. Before you know it, it’ll be dark outside.

Try this: Summer Beer. A Blue Moon, lemonade and vodka concoction that is sure to induce a hangover, but it’s worth it. Despite the name, it isn’t seasonal.

The Quarter Bar
3301 McKinney Avenue
Dallas, TX 75204
(214) 754-4941
Hours: Open Weekdays 4pm-2am; Weekends 12pm-2am

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(Photo Credit: Alyssa Gardina)

When Renfield’s and Black Friar have depleted your energy level from a rowdy Friday night, spend Saturday night at The Quarter Bar, the most laid back of the Uptown bar scene. Ladies, jeans are socially acceptable here, and if you can’t muster the strength to wear high heels, you won’t be alone; it’s a flats-friendly environment. Strangers are gregarious and easily approachable, bartenders are nice and attentive and the upstairs patio offers a stunning view of Downtown.

The Loon Bar and Grill
3531 McKinney Avenue
Dallas, TX 75204-1401
(214) 559-3059
Hours: Lunch Mon.- Fri. 11 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. / Dinner Mon. -Thurs. 5:30 – 10:00 p.m. / Fri. and Sat. 5:30 – 10:30 p.m.

Loon Interior 1 Best Of 20 Something Uptown Dallas Nightlife

There are no windows in the Loon. But there are strong drinks, a pool table, and a really fun crowd. This might be the hardest to find of the Uptown 20-something bars because it’s located to the left of a shell gas station and hardly has any signage, but once you know where it is, you’ll keep coming back. Entering the Loon is sort of like the entrance to a Speakeasy – the exterior is deceiving until you pass through and find a bar packed with 20-somethings having a great night. There are even plasma TV’s plastered on every wall so you won’t miss any Friday night Rangers games.

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