Trending: Feeling Cagey, Cartwheel Video Bomb, Anchorman “Afternoon Delight”

November 26, 2013 4:07 PM


The latest Internet oddity, involves Nicholas Cage and a whole lot of selfies posted to Instagram.

On the website, Nick Cage’s face is everywhere, on every picture.

A web developer built the site that pulls images from Instagram and superimposes cage’s face over the face in the original photo.

The site uses facial recognition technology so that it only grabs shots with faces and is constantly updating in real time.

It grabs 30 new photos every minute.


A teammate manages to steal the spotlight, from “King James.”

The competition doesn’t stop for the Miami Heat basketball team just because the game is over.

The players love to sneak into the background of their teammates post-game interviews.

Dwayne Wade took the video bombing to a whole new level last night when he cartwheeled behind LeBron James’ interview, not once but twice.

It was so funny, King James and the reporter had to take a break from talking about the game to shout out wade’s gymnastic skills.

The Heat were celebrating a win over the Phoenix Suns.


We are getting close to the release of Anchorman Two: The Legend Continues.

The sequel will be in theaters on December 20 –and at the Sydney premiere, Will Farrell and the gang sang before the show.

The guys sound good singing a little afternoon delight, the same tune they covered in the first film.