Trending: Naming National Zoo’s Panda, Love Note’s Unexpected Response

November 6, 2013 11:12 AM


We are less than a month away from learning the name of the National Zoo’s newest panda cub — and anyone with a computer can help decide what the name will be.

According to Chinese tradition, pandas can’t be named until they are 100 days old. That big day is December first for the National Zoo’s newest panda cub.

Yesterday, the zoo announced the name will be chosen through online voting – and the following five possibilities:

  • Bao Bao which means precious, treasure. (bow-BOW)
  • Ling Hua which means darling, delicate flower. (ling-HWA)
  • Long Yun… Those two words represent a sign of luck for panda cooperation between China and the US. (long-YOON)
  • Mulan is the name of a smart and brave Chinese warrior from the fifth century and also means magnolia flower. (moo-LAHN)
  • Zhen Bao translates to treasure, valuable. (jen-BAO)

Voting ends on November 22 — and the winning name will be announced on December first. Click here to cast your ballot.


An elementary school love note is going viral for its unexpected response.

Remember those notes — will you be my girlfriend, circle yes, no, or maybe?

A young guy sent his crush a note — and she had an interesting response.

She circled no — but wrote, “I am sorry, I already have a boyfriend Kyle.  But when we break up your my next choice.  P.S. That will probably be a month or two.”