Trending: Sentimental Photo Shoot, Rockin’ Christmas Lights Show

December 18, 2013 11:29 AM

A big part of a wedding day is commemorating the blessed event in pictures.

Now one groom has recreated those images and the new photo shoot has people reaching for the tissue boxes all over the world.

That groom — Ben Nunery wanted to recreate the pictures he took with his bride the day before their wedding in their unfurnished Ohio home.

Ben and his bride Ali got all dressed up in their wedding attire and took photos in different parts of the home.

Now — Ben and his three year old daughter Olivia are moving out — and she is standing in for her mom — who lost her battle with lung cancer two years ago.

The daddy and daughter recreate photos next to the window, in the doorway and on the stairs.

Ben says it was a sentimental way of remembering his wife — and to make sure that his daughter remembered the house he shared with her mom.

He said, “I don’t want people to see these photos and think sadness and grief. I want them to see the love I have for Ali and Olivia.”

Video of a rocking Christmas lights display is also going viral this morning. Christmas music, lights, fog and a little fire are all involved.

Thousands of people come out to see the elaborate Christmas Lights Show — set to the song Nutrocker.

The finale includes flames shooting up from four pillars in the yard.