Trending: Tiger Cubs Playing, Like Button Makeover, Subway Sleeper

November 7, 2013 4:58 PM


Facebook is making over one of its most-popular features and getting rid of the thumbs up “Like” button that we’ve gotten accustomed to over the past three years.

The like button isn’t going anywhere — just the thumb.

Over the next few weeks — we’ll see it replaced with the Facebook lowered cased “f” — which will also appear on the share button.

It’s estimated these two buttons are seen on Facebook and other websites more than 22 billion times a day — so it makes sense Facebook wants a logo associated with the company attached to them.


An act of compassion on the New York subway is going viral — and it’s making people ask themselves “What would I do in that situation?”

While riding on a New York City subway, the person sitting next to Isaac Thiel fell asleep and used his shoulder as a pillow.

Thiel didn’t move a muscle. He just let the man catch a few zzz’s on the train.

Another passenger snapped the picture and posted it online — it’s been shared more than 20 thousand times on Facebook.

Isaac says he thought the guy must have had a long day and wanted to let him sleep.


Our daily dose of cute comes from the zoo in Tacoma, Washington.

It’s video of two babies playing together — one of them a two year old boy, the other a six-month-old tiger cub.

Heath Shaffer caught this video of his son Marshall dressed up like a tiger — playing with the Tacoma zoo’s baby tiger.

There is a very important piece of glass separating the two — but they both seem to enjoy running back and forth with each other.