Tonight, Scott and I talked what’s hot in POP, and SCOTT SINGS!

Celebs in and on the verge of jailtime is where we kicked off tonight’s POP Culture segment

Lindsay Lohan was sentenced earlier this week to a 90 day stretch, but due to “over crowding” is expected to only be locked up for 10-13 days.  Immediately, stories circulated about how Lohan receives special treatment, as is isolated from the other inmates for her safety.  She also has access to her prescriptions for Aderall and Ambien.

Wesley Snipes is also in a bit of a tangle with Federal Authorities in Florida, as they are wanting a warrant for his arrest.   Snipes has had had tax issues with the IRS since 2008, and is alleged to have been avoiding paying his taxes since that time.

Scott and I turned attention to the POP Music World, as I tried to convince Scott that some songs have more to them that meets the eye.   The theories:

 WOMANIZER by Britney Spears sounds AMAZINGLY like the theme from the old Bill Cosby show, PICTURE PAGES.  

Kesha’s new song TAKE IT OFF is actually very close to KING TUT by Steve Martin.

I then theorize that sometimes artist don’t try too hard to be original,  and I throw Justin Bieber under the bus, due to his song called  “Eenie Meenie”.   

And FINALLY!!!!!—–I revealed that SCOTT likes to sing hits of the 80’s (trust me, you gotta listen to this to believe it!)

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