White powder-filled envelopes continue to be delivered to North Texas businesses, churches and at least one mosque. “We did have some additional mailings yesterday and the number is up to 24.” said U.S. Postal Inspector Daniel Amade.
The mass mailings have gone on since last Thursday and have reached businesses in Richardson, Irving, Arlington, Los Colinas, Carrollton, Garland and Dallas.  Churches and a mosque in Richardson have also been on the receiving end of what Amade now calls a major case.
For the first, Amade is confirming what had been suspected, at least some of the envelopes appear to have been sent by the same person.
“Based on, you know, just the similar charactaristics of the mailings at this point.” said Amade.
In each case the envelopes have contained a white powder that appears intended to scare recipients, rather than harm.
“The content of the letters have been nontoxic.” said Dallas F.B.I agent Mark White.  “The field testing to indicate that they are either a flour or corn starch-type substance.”
The cost of the letters is starting to add up.  White notes each time a letter is received the local fire department hazardous materials response team has to answer with full gear until the testing can rule out a harmful substance.
Amade says all 24 letters have been sent to a laboratory for confirmation that the powder is harmless.  Once that testing is done investigators from the Postal Inspectors Service and the F.B.I will compare the envelopes and try to come up with a suspect.

By L.P. Phillips