Hey kids, tonight we talk LIP GLOSS, NON-SHOWERING CELEBRITIES, and DR. JONES-

Ricky Martin(Livin’ La Vida Loca) has released a book, entitled “ME”.  It’s his personal story that follows his early years with MENUDO, his success as a solo artist, his difficulty with being open about his sexuality, and now his role as father.

Steven Tyler has inked a deal to be one of the newest AMERICAL IDOL judges.  This has been quite a sore spot with fellow bandmate, Joe Perry.  Perry  alledges that Tyler never mentioned his plans to the band.   Being on TV will make it difficult for the band to continue their hectic touring schedule.

Ladies, ever wondered if your drink is spiked?  Well now you can stay “kissable” and safe with this new lip gloss.  It keeps those lips plump and full, but each tube also comes with tabs you can use to check your drink.  If the tab changes color, your drink has been spiked.  You can find out more and order it here.  Stay safe ladies!

A new script is in development for yet, ANOTHER adventure with INDIANA JONES.  Scott was excited, I …..not so much.

And BRITNEY…poor, poor, BRITNEY.   She can never catch a break.  Her current boyfriend, Jason Trewick, has been heard telling friends that he is getting tired of Britney’s….um…hygiene. He claims she wears the same clothes for days, and isn’t into washing her hair.  Um…yeah.  Gross.

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