Two Fort Worth teenagers could stand trial as adults if they’re tried for the murder of a Southwest High School honor student and musician.  Eric Forrester was shot execution style in April after he surprised two burglars when he came home for lunch.  Prosecutors pointed out that Clifton Elliott and Broderick Patterson, both 16, were already on probation for the burglary of a house in which handguns were stolen, but they had not lived up to the terms set in the juvenile court system.  Elliott and Patterson’s own words were brought up in the hearing because Forrester was able to call 911 on his cell phone and slip the phone into his pocket, so there was a recording of the moments leading up to the murder.  With all of that, along with detectives’ accounts of how Elliott and Patterson kept changing their stories, the judge certified them as adults, meaning the case will be forwarded to a grand jury to decide if they’ll be tried.