The Cowboys are down to 53. The cuts include:

Manuel Johnson, Jesse Holey, Cletis Gordon, Teddy Williams, Jamar Wall, Herb Donaldson, Lonyae Miller, Bryan McCann, Jason Pociask, Steve Octavien, Brandon Sharpe, Travis Bright, Mike Tepper, Jimmy Saddle-McQueen, Will Barker, Martin Rucker, DajLeon Farr, Marcus Dixon, Junior Siavii, Curtis Johnson.

What you should know?   Siavvi was probably the most surprising as he is the back up NT to Ratliff.  That means Marcus Spears is gonna move inside at times and Josh Brent (supplemental pick) better be ready to go.

Sam Hurd is staying,  and the Cowboys tried to reduce his salary, but he did not budge on the offer.  He is taking the high road on this.  He makes $1.7 million a year.  Not bad for a guy who is your special teams lead tackler that also catches passes.

Interesting that the roster includes ……..three cornerbacks.  Three.  They plan on having Alan Ball and AOA
(Owusu-Ansah) ready to move there if necessary.  More today on the radio show.