When Jenni Ware was about to pay for her $207 grocery bill at the local grocery store, she noticed she had lost her wallet. That’s when Carolee Hazard, the woman in line behind Jenni, a complete stranger, extended a helping hand and performed a random act of kindness.

Carolee payed for the groceries. Jenni soon payed her back with a check with an extra $93. Carolee questioned what to do with the extra money payed back to her, so she turned Facebook and told her story and asked friends what to do. They responded by saying she should “Give it to charity.” When Jenni found out about Carolee’s honesty, she too donated $93 to the same charity. Friends on their Facebook soon caught on to the story and their spirit of charity and began donating $93 themselves all going to the Second Harvest Food Bank of Silicon Valley and starting the 93 Dollar Club. Up to this date from about a year ago, they have raised over $100,000 for the food bank.

If you wish to find out more about their story and wish to donate, CLICK HERE to visit their website.