So did the bye week actually come at a bad time for the Cowboys?

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That is one theory now floating around.  I said on the show last week that I thought it was a good time because of their win over Houston and getting players like Witten and Kosier healthy.  In hindsight, that caller to our radio show this morning may have been right that they didn’t have a chance to sustain the momentum from THE WIN.  Maybe.

30 penalties, 7 turnovers and no takeaways in the three losses.

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So can they shake themselves out of this?  Right now, it appears to be long odds.  The players continue to say the effort is there but as Keith Brooking said “we are just making dumb plays from time to time.”  Tony Romo, speaking on the problems said,  “If you’re a good ballclub, you overcome  penalties, you overcome tipped balls that get tipped.”  Two of his three picks were tipped, and four of five this season.  [pullquote quote=”we are just making dumb plays from time to time” credit=”Keith Brooking”]

[photogallerylink id=32610 align=left]The good news is that  there are so many average teams in the league that maybe everybody will fall to the back of the pack.

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Playoff teams right now?   The Giants, Skins, Chicago, Atlanta, Tampa Bay, and Arizona.  That excite you?