yankees rangers monument park thumb 500x666 Rangers vs. Yankees: The Mismatch is, Ironically, a Mismatch

As expected, this thing is a blowout. Not even close.

Think about it: The New Yankees entered the American League Championship Series with 41 AL pennants; the Texas Rangers 0. The Bronx Bombers play in Yankee Stadium; the Rangers in a ballpark once controlled by broke-ass bum Tom Hicks. The Yankees are in the chase for 28 (as in World Series titles); the Ranger are pursuing the run for 1.

The Yankees’ payroll is $207 million; the Rangers’ $55 million. It is believed to the biggest financial discrepancy in a baseball playoff series match-up.

Add it all up and – ta-da! – the Rangers lead the ALCS 3-1. And it’s not even that close.

The Rangers have out-scored the Yankees the last two nights by a whopping 18-3. For the series they have a 19-run advantage and if not for an historic bullpen collapse in Game 1 this might have been an unceremonious sweep.

The gravity of the moment struck me the other day when I strolled through center field out in Yankee Stadium and a sacred place called Monument Park.


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