By Joel Thomas, CBS 11 News

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – Mandy Elmore loves to give to children, despite battling Cystic Fibrosis, which has devastated her immune system and prevented her from being around anyone who might carry germs.

“If I get a cold it can turn into pneumonia and i’m hospitalized for days,” Elmore said. “The last cold I had turned into an 8 week course of IV’s. When you have an illness its something where you, well, its an urgency to fulfill your purpose.”

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Elmore found her purpose while shopping for a child’s present. She wasn’t impressed with the plastic toys in the toy store.  “I wanted something to help children,” Elmore said. “Wouldn’t it be great if we could create something that helped children learn the joy of giving and wouldn’t that make a difference later?”

She left the toy store and went to a craft store for balsa wood. Elmore invented the Blessing Bank, a small box with Christian crosses and angels on its side and a slot for money on the top. She sent the original to a manufacture who made more from sturdier wood and porcelain.

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“They’re a thing to put money for the poor in,” said 9-year old Emma Golik, a daughter of one of Elmore’s friends who has one of the banks. “To help people and support them with money we get from our allowance.”

A little allowance money or some change from the tooth fairy buys a priceless lesson. The children choose who will receive their change.  “There are people and we can give that money to them,” said 7-year old Margaret Golik, Emma’s sister. “Or there are places that need money and we can give it to them.”

And why would they do that?  “To be kind to them,” Emma said. “Like God says,” Margaret said, finishing her sister’s thought.

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“All of us are blessed,” said Elmore. “We all have our responsibility. Kids pick up really fast and they get it. So, Blessing Bank. I don’t need people talking about me when i’m gone. I don’t need that. But I definitely want to make sure that while i was here i did something that made a difference.