By Robbie Owens, CBS 11 NewsBy Robbie Owens

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Here we go again…

A major five-year construction project is now underway along the LBJ Freeway. The project is intended to help ease highway congestion. But of course, before that happens, traffic along the busy interstate is going to get much, much worse.

Most commuters know that traffic along the LBJ Freeway can be harrowing because of the sheer volume of vehicles – more than 250,000 each day — that travel the highway. But over the next five years, a $2 billion reconstruction project aims to provide relief in the form of the LBJ Express.

Work crews will be adding 13 miles of new lanes that will extend from Irving to northeast Dallas, plus four more miles of additions will be built on Interstate-35E, just south of the LBJ Freeway.

In some sections, the new lanes will be placed underneath the current freeway. The multi-level design aims to alleviate highway congestion and accommodate commuters who are willing to pay to ride along added lanes.

The LBJ Express is a “cost-to-cruise” extension, meaning that it will provide a toll road option for drivers as a way of paying for the upgrades. When the roadway construction project is completed, capacity along the LBJ Freeway is expected to double.

Project organizers said that much of the work will be done during the nights and on the weekends, in order to minimize the impact on businesses along the highway corridor.

Drivers should expect lane closures, exit changes and various portions of the highway – maybe new parts every day – to be transformed into construction zones. The bottom line: there will be an increase in traffic along what is already a very busy freeway. But hopefully, in the end, many driving headaches will be cured.