By Joel Thomas, CBS 11 News

WESTLAKE (CBSDFW.COM) – All most people have seen of The Town of Westlake is a cluster of angular, brightly colored office buildings, restaurants and a hotel off of Highway 114.  But Forbes Magazine dug through some U.S. Census numbers and saw something else about Westlake — the average income of its resident. And they called the town’s mayor with some news.

“The town of Westlake really came on top any way you sliced it in terms of our immediate income,” said Mayor Laura Wheat, who fielded a call from a Forbes reporter. “And I said, ‘In our region?’ ‘Oh no! That would be in the country!’ So, big surprise!”

Westlake.  Population:  A handful of  longhorns, some extravagant lawn art and 700 people who earn more money on average than any other town in America. Oh, and one deli where Jackie Carter works.

“The broke people work out here,” Carter said, “And the rich people live out here!”

The owners of the town’s huge mansions make an average quarter million dollars a year. And while there are sprawling estates, Westlake itself is a speck on the map.

“Its about six point two square miles,” said Wheat, referring to an aerial photo with the town’s boundaries outlined on it. “And a lot of it as you can see is still ranch land!”

“Then you’ve got Fidelity Investments out here,” Carter said ticking down a mental list of the town’s businesses. “A couple of restaurants, some restaurants along 114.”

The mayor says Ross Perot Jr. is the largest landowner. The head of BNSF railroad lives in Westlake. Baseball players Josh Hamilton and Mark Texiera have homes here. And former Rangers player Rafael Palmeiro is seen here.

“He’s been in here a couple of times,” Carter said. “And Russell Maryland, one of the old football players, Cowboys.”

It’s not by mistake the most common greeting you get in Westlake neighborhoods is a large, closed gate at the entrance or a no trespassing sign.  What they’re paying for most is the seclusion.

“Because I do think one of the reasons people are attracted to The Town of Westlake and the communities we have here is there is an element of privacy,” Wheat said. “That we’d like to protect if we can!”

And if you do see someone notable here….

“If you do, they don’t make a big announcement,” Carter said. “A lot of them visit the Fossil Creek — the new liquor store that opened about a year ago.  You can go in there and catch you some big wheels!”