AUSTIN (KRLD 1080) – There is still no report on whether the arson investigation used to convict and execute Cameron Todd Willingham was flawed, and it looks like there won’t be for a while yet.

Lance Evans, who’s a member of the Texas Forensic Science Commission investigating the case, says the group will ask the Attorney General for an opinion on its jurisdiction in the case before making any report on the case final, but he says the investigation will continue. “I want the Commission to find a way where we can continue making progress on this investigation,” he said, “where things do not come to a standstill.”

There have been questions by both the State Fire Marshall and prosecutors in Corsicana on whether the Commission has the power to look into this case at all.

Willingham was convicted and executed for setting his Corsicana family home on fire in 1991, killing his three children.