DALLAS (KRLD/CBSDFW.COM) – A familiar name could be ready to run for mayor of Dallas.

Former Dallas Police Chief David Kunkle told KRLD Wednesday he’s “strongly considering” running for mayor. Current Mayor Tom Leppert announced earlier this month that he will not seek re-election.

Kunkle said he has experience working in every neighborhood in Dallas and he said he knows their needs. One stance he intends to campaign on is not raising taxes, saying the economic environment is not right for the move.

Other names being tossed around are Dallas council members Angela Hunt and Ron Natinsky.  The former chief said he plans to announce his decision after the Super Bowl.

Kunkle added that he had no plans to run until about 24 hours ago when he started making phone calls and weighing his options. The former police chief said he feels his name recognition within the city will be a huge asset. The 60-year-old retired last year.

“If I were to get elected, like all mayors, I would want to bridge the gap between North Dallas and South Dallas,” he said. “Economic development and creating a strong tax base is critical to the city.

Kunkle said he doesn’t have the money to run a long-term campaign and hopes his credentials as former police chief make up for that.

“The reality of being a police chief is that you share power with everybody,” he said. “You don’t make unilateral decisions. From the mayor, the city council, city manager, police unions, media and neighborhood groups, everything you do is evaluated and has to meet a certain test among all those groups.”

District 12 Councilman Ron Natinsky and Dallas-based attorney Jim Moore have announced their intention to run for mayor.

KRLD’s Mitch Carr and Scott Braddock speaking with Former Dallas Police Chief David Kunkle