By Selena Hernandez, CBS 11 News

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – A North Texas teenager is proving that anything is possible, even when there are very specific challenges that must be overcome. Natalie Hudson was born without her left hand, but that has not stopped her from pursuing her passion. For the past three years, the 16-year-old has performed with Coppell High School’s colorguards.

Every count, every move, every step – Hudson never misses a beat. She is a living testament to the power of determination and unrelenting desire. “The support I have from my friends and my team, and the people here are just so supportive of whatever I do, and give me the confidence to try something I probably would not have ever done,” Hudson said.

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The Coppell teen has learned to live her life without the use of her left hand. But her perceived disability has never limited her ability to take on challenges. “It wasn’t about manipulating the flag, it was about believing I could do it,” Hudson said. “And after three years, I’ve learned I really can do anything that I want to try.”

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Hudson has been a patient at Scottish Rite Hospital in Dallas since she was only 3 weeks old. Her doctors created a special prosthetic to help with colorguard activities. “It’s like a glove that fits over my hand,” she said. “It’s kind of sticky, like bike handles, so it helps me grab the flag better.”

Hudson only uses the prosthetic when she practices or performs as a colorguard.

“It doesn’t look like a hand or function like a hand. It was a customized device for that particular function,” explained prosthetics director Dr. Don Cummings. “This is an example of something that’s very simple, that provides a solution to a problem, and isn’t necessarily a high-tech solution.”

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Hudson recently returned to Scottish Rite Hospital armed with confidence and a creative vision – prepared to encourage other patients with her inspirational performance. In addition to colorguard, Hudson has also played softball and been waterskiing. “Not trying would be the failure,” she said.