DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – You can file this under something you don’t hear about everyday. Members of Dallas Fire Rescue responded to a call of a “choking” at an apartment in the 8500 block of Fair Oaks Crossing.

Firefighters arrived to find the front door of the apartment open. They entered cautiously and soon heard someone calling out to them.

When rescuers went to the bathroom, they found something unexpected. “A 69-year-old female, sitting on the toilet, with a toilet paper holder impaled in her neck,” explained Dallas Fire Rescue Public Information Officer Jason Evans.

The woman had no trouble breathing and was able to speak. She told firefighters that she simply slipped and fell.

“She has a history of bad knees and it’s very difficult for her to walk,” said Evans. “And she apparently fell and the toilet paper holder just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

Rescuers were worried about the weight of the toilet paper holder, which still had toilet paper on it, and decided to remove it at the scene. Firefighters used bolt cutters to cut off the heavy end and the remaining piece fell out on its own.

The woman, who was in good spirits, was taken to Baylor Hospital and is expected to only need a few stitches.