ARLINGTON (CBSDFW.COM) – Marco Del Toro said the price tag was what sold him on a 2010 Ford Explorer. He only paid about $16,000.

“I was suspicious about it but it was a good deal so I didn’t want to pass it up they said it was Presidents Day specials,” Del Toro said.

Del Toro, 26, said a few days after he bought the SUV, he tried to reach the dealer at Big Auto Trader on West Division Street in Arlington.

When he couldn’t get anyone on the phone, he showed up to only find an empty lot and the office locked.

“It sucks that people will do that,” he said. “Obviously that was their intention.”

It’s been a month since, and Del Toro said he still doesn’t have a title or registration. Without a title, the individual does not legally own the car. The vehicle is illegal to drive without registration.

The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles is looking into at least four complaints against Mohamad Sabouni, the man who operated the used car dealership.

“They were behind on their rent on their property,” said Bijan Panbechi, who is the landlord for the property.

Panbechi said Sabouni started leasing from him in November. He said the cars on the lot were selling quickly.

“I noticed that some of those people purchased the car very cheap,” Panbechi said. “It was below market price of the car so they probably just get the money and sell those cars fast enough to leave.”

CBS 11 News tried to reach Sabouni. His neighbors in Grand Prairie said he moved his family to Syria last month.

“I was more worried about the vehicle then the dealership,” Del Toro said. “That’s kind of where I should have been paying more attention to: The dealership.”

DMV officials said they are trying to work with the drivers to see what they can do to get them their titles and registration.