By Melissa Newton, CBS 11 News

SOUTHLAKE (CBSDFW.COM) – Numerous families across North Texas have kids at the University of Alabama.

After seeing the devastation many are thankful their kids are safe.

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“It’s just a miracle they’re alive, it’s an absolute miracle.” Said Sharon Moloney, who’s daughter, Alex Papie, 20 and step-daughter, Justine Herlinhy, 22, are okay, even though their home in Tuscaloosa, Alabama is not. “There’s no roof, there’s no walls, the neighbors couch was in their kitchen.”

The two college students and their roommate were inside their home when the tornado hit.

“We were huddled together like no other, I mean, we were all touching and I didn’t even realize we were all hugging and we had just kind of closed in on each other,” Papie said in a phone interview. “And after the full aspect of the storm had ended we all jumped into the bathroom finally, and hid in there which is very, very small, and we waited about five or ten minutes until we were absolutely sure the storm had passed.”

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“They were crunched up in the hallway. They heard the noise and it sounded like a train coming through and that’s when they knew it’s serious this time, we’ve got to run in.” Moloney said. “All of a sudden they said they looked up and the entire side of the house just blew away.”

The house across the street from the girls’ home is gone.  After the storm, Moloney said the silence seemed just as bad.

“Normally I don’t think Tuscaloosa is that far away because I can text her or call her and she’s very good at calling me back,” Moloney said, “but I never heard back from her, didn’t know where she was, so pretty terrified.”

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Unfortunately, one North Texas student at Alabama was among those killed, Dallas student Ashley Harrison died Wednesday from injuries suffered in the tornado.