SOUTHLAKE (CBSDFW.COM) – Susan Channell is a master stylist at Peyton Thomas Salon in Southlake. She understands that it’s difficult for all her clients to come in on a regular basis. So she’s come up with some advice on how to stretch out the weeks between salon appointments. She called these strategies a ‘band-aid approach.’

Channel does not recommend women highlight their hair at home, but she’s not against a little bit of coverage. She says women can use Just For Men mustache and beard to cover their roots.

“It comes with a really little brush that can pinpoint the gray roots, and this is really just for gray coverage, it’s not for all over,” Channell said adding that women can also buy a root touch up kit which should match their hair color or even be a shade lighter.

She says women with auburn hair can brighten their color by rinsing with cranberry juice. Blonds can get a similar effect with chamomile tea. She recommends rinsing it out using cold water to close the cuticles.

“Once a week, put baking soda in your shampoo. Its color safe, and it will just get rid of the impurities, like pollutants, every day out of your hair,” said Channell.

For a homemade deep conditioning treatment, Channell says mash up an avocado and add some olive oil.

“Put it in your hair and put a plastic cap over saran wrap over year. Sit for 15 minutes with your regular body heat or just put a blow dryer on it for five minutes, take it off, let it cool. Shampoo out the avocado and condition as normal.”

In between visits, she recommends you ask your stylist for a split end removal. It costs about half the price of a regular haircut and many salons will trim your bangs for free.