NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Fact – it’s perfectly legal in the state of Texas not to hire someone because you think they’re ugly. So should you spend more time polishing your looks or your résumé?

Unattractiveness is not something protected by law, like race, gender or age.

Employment law expert Michael Abcarian says that’s important, because Texas is an at-will employment state.

“Meaning they [new employees] can be hired for any reasons… good, bad or indifferent,” explained Abcarian. “They can be terminated. And decisions along the way, unless otherwise prohibited by law can be reasons for making decisions about terms and conditions of employment.”

You may think employers are only worried about qualifications and don’t really care how attractive you are, but a Newsweek report found 57-percent of hiring managers say qualified but unattractive candidates will have a harder time getting a job.

Just a footnote – studies show that blond women earn 7-percent more than brunettes.