RAW: Micah Brown talks with CBS 11’s Andrea Lucia

GREENVILLE (CBSDFW.COM) – A Greenville man accused of murdering his ex-wife has a simple answer as to why he did it.  “I wanted her dead.”

Micah Brown talked with CBS 11 Friday afternoon and said he was worried Stella Ray was going to take his kids away.  “I was afraid I was only going to see them 2-3 times a week.”

A popular English teacher at Caddo Mills High School, Ray had just completed her PhD in Literature at Texas A&M University at Commerce, and had told Brown when she found another job she would be taking the children away.

Brown meanwhile, had a history of minor arrests and drug use, which he says ultimately led to their divorce last year.  “She was ready to move on to a different life wife a higher class of people.”

Brown says he continued to see his children every day, until Tuesday when Ray filed a police report for assault after the two were involved in a fight.  “It was hard not to hit her, sitting there, watching her unbuckle them out of their car seat.”  He says he didn’t actually hit her, but only poked her.

He says on Wednesday night he was drinking, and was driving around trying to talk to Ray to find out where their kids were when he realized she had called police.  “I saw the police lights in my rear view mirror, I just pulled the gun out and shot her,” he said without emotion.

He fled from the scene, and was arrested by Greenville police in front of Cactus Saddlery.  According to employees at the shop, he wanted police to shoot him.  Brown says he didn’t remember saying that, but admits he was suicidal.

His only regret, he says, was shooting Ray while their two children, a 2-year-old girl and a 3-year-old son, sat in the back seat.  He says he feels horrible about shooting their mom in front of them, but does not regret killing her.

Brown now expects to spend the rest of his life in jail, separated from the two children he says he was willing to kill for.  “I doubt I’ll ever get to see them again.”

A vigil was held Friday night for Ray in front of Caddo Mills High School.  Students and faculty all gathered to say goodbye to a woman they affectionately called ‘Doc.’ Members of Ray’s family also attended the service.

When CBS 11 contacted Ray’s family to comment on Brown’s confession Friday afternoon.  Someone at the home said Brown can “burn in hell.”