DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Hundreds of fans lined up to see Former Texas Tech Coach Mike Leach at a Dallas bookstore Tuesday night.

Perhaps none of the fans went to the lengths to see him as one young woman from Killeen. It was the first time she’d be meeting the legendary coach and nothing, not even a medical emergency, could keep her from it.

Leach has always had a penchant for pirates. His new book “Swing Your Sword” is his latest treasure.

Leach was the most winningest coach at Texas Tech until 2009, when they gave him the “Heave Ho” after allegations he mistreated a player, allegations he has long denied and detailed in a chapter called “The Power Play.”

None of that bothers his fans, among them Keri Kuczek, a Texas Tech Alumni from Killeen who went to extraordinary lengths to meet Leach at the Dallas Barnes and Noble on West Northwest Highway.

Kuczek suffered a seizure on the way, remnants of a wreck last October. “I heard about the tragic accident,” Leach said.

“I’ve always wanted to meet her. We’ve talked on the phone. I’ve talked to her mother on the phone,” Leach said.

Kuczek was supposed to be the first in line when Leach started signing copies of his new book at 7pm. She arrived two hours later and the two embraced.

“Did you hear about my seizure,” Kuczek asked Leach?

“Yeah. Tell you what, I’m glad you came. I’ve always wanted to meet you,” Leach said.

Keri Kuczek is a pirate through and through. She’s part of a facebook group called Team Leach, which is how Leach heard about her.

Kuczek’s sister, Allyson, was with her and said. “Mr. Leach said, ‘Pirates stick together and That’s basically what we all did.”

While some might think of Mike Leach as an “Old Salt,” his heart is in the right place. Fans like Keri Kuczek already know that.

“I’m freakin excited,” Keri Kuczek said.

Mike Leach now lives in Key West, Florida. He invited Keri Kuczek and her family to come out for a visit some time.