By Andrea Lucia

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Lucky number or easy date to remember?

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Whatever the reason, one upcoming day has become very popular for couples looking to get married. There is a fast-growing frenzy over November 11, 2011 – or 11/11/11 – and it has many people eager to wed, or just try their luck, on that particular date.

When it comes to Jesica Boyd’s wedding, the little details matter. Her flowers were made by hand in the Philippines. But no detail is as important to her than the actual date, which she plans to celebrate for many years to come.

The symmetrical 11/11/11 date has special meaning for Boyd and her groom. “If you look into the Bible about getting married, it talks about when you get married you become one flesh,” Boyd said. “What better day to get married than on a date that’s 1-1-1-1-1. Did I do enough ones?”

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Wedding planner Rachel Leuck confirmed, 11/11/11 is an very popular day for couples to wed. “I had a lot of people that inquired, were interested in that date,” she recalled. “They are going to remember it for the rest of their lives, so they want a date that’s easy to remember. Hopefully the grooms don’t forget.”

Eleven is also a lucky number for many people. It is a prime number, a master number in numerology and good news for gamblers playing craps or blackjack. But does 11/11/11 have some sort of cosmic significance?

“I’d say it’s a good harbinger of success,” said local psychic Rhea Wallace. The planets of Earth, Mercury and Venus will align on that day, Wallce added, making it easier for people to tap into other dimensions. “If they’re meditating, they’re going to start seeing things they’ve never seen before.”

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As for Boyd, she already has luck on her side, in being able to reserve a wedding spot on this highly-demanded date. “Everything just fell into place. We found a venue and it just worked out wonderful,” Boyd said. Hopefully that good fortune will last her a lifetime.