By J.D. Miles

COLLIN COUNTY (CBSDFW.COM) – After millions of dollars spent designing a new performing arts center, the cities of Plano and Allen have pulled the plug on the project.

The decision has disappointed arts groups and has some taxpayers demanding their money back.

After Frisco pulled out of the project more than a year ago, donations dried up.

Meanwhile, the Plano Symphony is in the middle of another sold out season despite not having a permanent home in the city.

“We’re obviously disappointed that it has not come to fruition,” said Plano Symphony Executive Director Debbie Watson.

The symphony was looking forward to a new performing arts center that Plano, Frisco and Allen spent more than ten million researching and designing.

But now the projects hopes are dim after all three cities have bailed out of the project that was still short of the $65 million needed for construction.

Plano City Manager Bruce Glasscock hopes plans for a private funded performing arts center will materialize, since $22 million worth of land has already been donated.

“This probably is in the best interest of everyone.”

But critics of the project want to see the land sold and taxpayers reimbursed for the public money already spent.

“We have $25 million there we need to divide it up give it to the 3 cities and everybody goes their separate ways,” said Plano resident Jack Lagos.

But supporters of the project still have a sliver of hope that donors will save the day for those who want a first class performance hall in Collin County.

“We would love to see it happen, but we will continue one way or the other,” said Watson.

The Plano City Council will decide in two weeks whether to let the remaining money from a $19 million bond remain where it is or call for another election to have it revoked.