NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) – He is one of the most successful African American businessmen in the world. Forbes magazine cites his earnings of over $130 million in just one year alone as evidence that the powerhouse jack of all trades has been able to cultivate his talents and touch millions of devoted fans around the world with his books, stage plays, films and music with a very unique talent. He is clearly a Renaissance man for the ages but he started out as a high school drop out with an abusive father.

Tyler eventually got his GED but was unfocused until one day while watching the Oprah Winfrey show he heard a guest mention how important it was to write so he started what has now become one of the most prolific writing careers in Hollywood.

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In his newest film “Good Deeds” he portrays a wealthy businessman who is set to marry an equally impressive professional woman (Gabrielle Union) when he meets single mom and night janitor. (Thandie Newton) Sparks fly and while the plot may be predictable, the talent Perry has to speak to the hearts of his audience is impressive. In this film we do not see his popular Madea character – the feisty grandma was left behind to make way for a touching portrayal of a real man caught between what his heart wants and what his friends and family feel is right. He told me it was the most personal performance of his career so far and it was scary! The film has earned over $25 million in it’s first weekend and is expected to keep going strong because his legions of fans just cannot seem to get enough of his truthful stories told from his insightful perspective.

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I asked him what his secret for this enormous success was. He said he is a great observer of human nature (indeed he said he was watching me closely during the interview!) and he believes you must water just one seed. Plant it. Water it. Tend to it until it flourishes. He said that is the secret for him – do one thing and do it well and then you may move onto other ventures.

Sage wisdom and advice from the man who has not only literally built an empire (his privately owned Atlanta film studio is state of the art) but one of the most passionate fan bases ever accumulated by a Hollywood star. This writer, producer, director, actor and composer believes we all have greatness in us – just tap into it “one seed at a time.”

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