By Mike Kinney
These days there is a lot of talk about healthy eating in schools and the juvenile obesity problem but there is one contest for school kids that is using tasty treat as a vehicle for learning.  Today’s Through the Lens took me to Texas Women’s’ University where they were holding their 14th Annual Edible Car Contest.  What is an edible car you ask?  it is a car made up of anything edible. 
The rules give dimensions for how big the car can be but everything on the car must be something you can eat.  There was a lot of cookies, lifesavers, and rice crispy treats.  The teams build there car and then it has to make it down a ramp three time. The judges look for how well it rolls and if it meets the edible criteria and how fast it goes. 
They used everything from candy bars to pasta for car parts that made for some very creative cars.  There were several cars that had to be given a little push to get down the ramp while others wheeled freely.  Some of them didn’t make it to the bottom of the ramp before flying in all directions as the whole thing came apart. 
The contest is designed to get kids interested in engineering, math, and science.  Every kid there seemed to be having a great time and learning to work as a team in problem solving.  One problem the teachers had was keeping the students from eating all the supplies.  Now I have a sudden desire for gummy bears.