DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Community and environmental groups in Dallas are banding together to oppose the recommendations of the city’s natural gas drilling task force.

Over an eight-month period task force members considered how to best regulate drilling within city limits. Their final recommendations, made last month, left some community members like Ed Meyer far from satisfied.

“It was a sad day for Dallas. It really was,” said Meyer, president of the Fox Hollow HOA.

Meyer is now part of a group, Dallas Residents At Risk, made up of various community and environmental organizations. Group members are hoping to rile up Dallas residents in opposition to the proposed rules.

The drilling task force made recommendations for everything from landscaping, to permits and plans.

Among the recommendations: a 1,000 ft. buffer zone from any homes or offices. The city council could lower that requirement to 500 ft., depending on the circumstance, but the change could only come abut with two thirds of council voting for it.

Drilling sites must also be at least 200 ft. from any fresh water well, but the recommendations don’t touch the sensitive issue of water use during fracking.

Finally, the recommendations would allow drilling on city park land, but only if the land is not currently being used as a public park or playground.

Drilling supporters tell CBS 11 News the restrictions seem fair and balanced, but opposition groups say they don’t go far enough.

Meyers believes if enough voters complain the city council will listen. “When this goes to city council, we need to fill that chamber,” he said.

One task force member told CBS 11 he felt he was getting equal criticism from both sides of the debate and that was a good sign to him that the task force had found a good middle ground.

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